Nickl Elektronik-Entwicklung GmbH

High bright RuggedLight15FHD display during truck testing Bright SunLight12X display in R&D test vehicle ImageCutter IC30 and ImagHub IH30 in the test vehicle Two StarLight8S displays in a surveillance helicopter SunLight10X Display 2nd generation in measuring truck for road surface roughness SunLight10X display for measurement data visualization

Nickl Elektronik-Entwicklung GmbH develops and manufactures with its own production line very luminous, compact, versatile and robust TFT monitors, special automotive display controls and special accessories for measuring technology and for PCs / computers in vehicles with 12V and 48V on-board voltage, in commercial vehicles with 24V on-board voltage and in aircraft with 28V on-board voltage.

Especially for research & development

The displays and the measuring equipment accessories are particular designed for car and avionic research and development uses and so they are in demand for professional measurement and for superior prototyps too.

Proven in summer and winter testings

The industry's leading RuggedLight, SunLight and StarLight displays, as well as the interface / video / network and power management accessories, have proven themselves hundreds of times in rough use in extreme winter and summer testings for more than 25 years.




NewAvailable at short notice and quickly until the end of 2023

Many of the displays for mobile use are available quickly and at short notice by the end of 2023. These displays have special features that have proven themselves for visualisation and operation in vehicles. [More...]

NewCAN/USB gateway for vehicle controls as PC input device

The MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 allows the use of steering wheel buttons or a touch rotary press attenuator E.g. comand / iDrive / MMI touch controller as PC input device via USB. [More...]

NewLightweight very compact SunLight6V display with DVI & VGA

The new lightweight and very compact SunLight6V display is mechanically compatible with the handy StarLight6V display.
However, the new SL6V display offers some additional advantages for mobile use: [More...]

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