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This converter converts video signals into various color coding schemes. With only one device, the following conversions can be achieved:

- RGB to SVideo and CVBS
- YPbPr to SVideo and CVBS
- SVideo to RGB and CVBSS
- SVideo to YPbPr and CVBS
- CVBS to SVideo and RGB
- CVBS to SVideo and YPbPr

For this purpose, there are three input ports: a) three BNC for RGB and YPbPr, b) one BNC for CVBS and c) one Mini-DIN socket for S-Video. Which port shall be used as input can be selected with a push button. The other ports are then cnfigured as outputs carrying their respective format. The configuration and status information is indicated with LEDs and is stored in an EEPROM (non-volatile memory).
The conversion is done in a digital way an is independent of any trimming values.
An RS-232 connector provides extensibility for custom designs.
The power supply can be in the range of 9..36 V and is galvanically isolated
Application examples
  • Research and development (R&D) inside testing vehicles with 12V, 24V or 28V DC on-board network
  • Process visualization and monitoring functions
  • Sewer pipe inspection via high performace camera on the highest level of quality
  • High image quality thanks to two 2D comb filters for Luma and Chroma over 5 and 4 lines respectively
  • Test pattern generator mode
Order number: 1EMSDVC

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