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Universal, massive aluminium holder system with ball joint, mounting flange and vacuum cups.

The aluminium ball joint holder SL10XH-K offers the basic functions needed to mount a display. A holder plate is used for a solid adaptation to the StarLight10X or the SunLight12X display. With the mounting pyramids, ball joints can be adapted in several ways. Additionally, the mounting pyramids can be fixed to a flat plane and to a vertical pipe. For temporary attachment to the front shield, vacuum cups can be utilized.
Particular features
  • Wide angle of display orientation with 0904 ball joint
  • Flexible solution which can be re-used in many projects
  • Pyramids with 1/4 inch threads on 5 useable sides
  • Mounting plate which offers up to 26 different positions for fixing a pyramid at different angles
  • Additional opportunity for fixing video equipment and cameras
  • Easy-to-use flange with 4 holes each 5 mm diameter, square hole layout 64 x 64 mm
  • Aluminium black anodized
Order Data: 1EMSL10XH-K

  • Mount the ball-joint at the desired side on the pyramid and then fix it with a headless screw.

  • Then mount the pyramid at the desired position and the required orientation onto the mounting plate.

  • This combination can then be mounted to the back side of the display.

  • At the other end of the ball-joint, mount the second pyramid and fix it also with the headless screw. (The mounting plate is no more shown in the picture.)

  • The display with its mounting assistant can then be fixed in the car with four screws -