Nickl Elektronik-Entwicklung GmbH


CAN/USB gateway for vehicle controls as PC input device

The MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 allows the use of steering wheel buttons or a touch rotary press attenuator E.g. comand / iDrive / MMI touch controller as PC input device via USB. [More...]


Exact Combiner-Head-up-Display (CHUD) control

For presentations and data visualizations, you can precisely control the Continental Combiner-Head-up-Display (CHUD) in the Volkswagen variant with the new ImageHub30-CHUD. [More...]


Up to 1100 cd/m² ultra bright RL15FHD Full-HD display

For the RuggedLight15FHD displays best in vehicle tests, was a special high-brightness (HB) backlight developed.
The new variants RL15FHD-HB and RL15FHD-T-HB are outstanding. [More...]


Exact vehicle dashboard display control via IC120 & IH120

The new ImageCutter120 & ImageHub120- line brings computer image signals precisely to vehicle displays with the high 1440x540 resolution for mobile measurement and sophisticated presentations. [More...]


Big Full-HD display with Picture-in-Picture feature

The new RuggedLight15FHD display offers a large screen viewing are for mobile measurement and sophisticated research and development activities. [More...]


Ethernet HUB for development & diagnostics for automobiles

The PTH Ethernet Repeater / HUB has for the development and diagnosis of, e.g, ECUs in the vehicle network, the "ONE -to- ALL" ports transmission. [More...]


Besonders robuste Displays

Mit der neuen RuggedLight Serie bauen wir unsere Display-Linie weiter aus. Die beiden neuen Displays RL8X und RL12WX überzeugen durch ... [More...]


Neue ImageHub30-Varianten

"1EP-IH30-BMW003" und "1EP-IH30-BMW003-L6-HUD" für BMW und "1EP-IH30-DC005" für Daimler. Besonderheiten: intelligente Hubs für modernste Übertragungsstandards ... [More...]


"Intelligent Power Switch" freely programmable

The intelligent power switch allows e.g. a controlled start and automatic shut down of a computer or measurement equipment supplied from the vehicle electrical system.
Discharged starter batteries and long Boot / ShutDown latencies are so past. [More...]


Control of integrated vehicle displays

Original combi instrument or head unit displays of the test vehicle can be used for measurement operations or data visualization with the aid of the main unit ImageCutter30 and feed in ImageHub30. [More...]


Video insulator for transmitting CVBS or S-Video signals

The video isolator VISO eliminates picture distortion caused by signal-ground loops. The VISO separates the ground loops by isolating the three potentials of IN, OUT and Power and transmits the video signal via special optocouplers. [More...]


Small 6.5" display for the dashboard center!

Designed specifically for mobile use, the StarLight6V 6.5" TFT display can easily be integrated into a double DIN radio slot thanks to its small dimensions. [More...]